Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Christmas Comet

The Christmas Comet

Tonight, the North Wind at my back and the
Horns of the young Moon in the western sky
Carried me off to another season; I don't know why--
Perhaps because the stars shine brightly on Winter nights.
Evening Star and Seven Sisters, riding high,
Reflect in my eye, and carry me back to Christmas--

On the streets of Seattle, 1973, with Mother and Father,
With the North Wind at my back, and a doomsayer's cry:
"Have you heard? The Great Comet is coming!"
Such was the missive apocalyptic, on a grimy tract,
Courtesy of David Berg and the Children of God.
(A tradition as old as Yuletide: I didn't know that, then.)

And so it was Christmas. With Doomsday near.
Yet I felt no fear at the Woolworth lunch counter, and later,
After Kohoutek rounded the sun, outbound to eternity,
With Spring at my door, I saw the Christmas Comet,
Through dusty, old surplus binoculars.
She was fragile and wraith-like, and
Beautiful beyond compare.

- Rod Brock, 12/03/08

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