Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Christmas Pledge

A point I've made over and over again in this blog is that in order to simplify your Christmas, you have to do something. You have to make a concerted, positive effort to change those things that are making you miserable with each passing Christmas. In line with this is the "Christmas Pledge, set forth in Unplug the Christmas Machine , by Jo Robinson and Jean Coppock Staeheli. For your edification, I now reproduce the pledge in its original form, save for adding a sixth element of my own devising to the pledge.


Believing in the beauty and simplicity of Christmas, I commit myself to the following:

  1. To remember those people who truly need my gifts.

  2. To express my love for family and friends in more direct ways than presents.

  3. To rededicate myself to the spiritual growth of my family.

  4. To examine my holiday activities in light of the true spirit of Christmas.

  5. To initiate one act of peacemaking within my circle of family and friends.

  6. To endeavor, after each Christmas season, to carry something of the values of Christmas with me throughout the rest of the year.


  1. Just wanted to thank you for this blog. I will be using the Christmas Pledge with families at our church again this year as I think it's a brilliant way to bring everything back into context.

  2. I'm happy that you've enjoyed the blog. I think the Christmas Pledge is one of the most important pieces of information embedded herein, which is why I covered it anew, this year. If one takes it to heart, it can really turn a "flagging" Christmas around.