Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas Lights: James Street Estates, Bellingham

I haven't been out James Street Road in the last week, but if the Christmas lights of James Street Estates aren't glowing yet, I expect they will be by this weekend.

For those who've never been, James Street Estates is probably the best example of "Christmas solidarity" in Bellingham; nearly everyone in this neighborhood of manufactured homes goes all out, creating a glorious display of Christmas lights.

Below are a selection of photographs I took of the display in 2005, along with a map to help you find your way, if you've never been, or are new in town.

Click on thumbnails to view full-size image--

James Street EstatesJames Street EstatesJames Street EstatesJames Street Estates

Getting there--

Click here for map and directions

It's on the left, traveling south towards the city center, on the right traveling north, away from the city center. Watch for deer! Last year Bambi's Dad jumped in front of my car and almost met his eternal reward.

Important: It is customary, once within the Estates, for drivers to turn off their headlights and run their parking lights only, to maximize everyone's enjoyment of the lights. This is perfectly legal because it is not a public road. Don't forget! It's extremely irritating to have someone else's high beams in your face when you're trying to enjoy the display.


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  2. If anyone is interested in more recent pictures; heres some of 2008

  3. Thanks Dale! I'll put these into a post with credit to you.

  4. This was cool... LOL on Bambi's dad :D