Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday: Conclusion

A poem, by yours truly:

Black Friday

Alderwood, Thanksgiving midnight,
20,000 came to score.
Maybe half of them wonder
(in retrospect) just what for.
Considering the three-hour checkout
At the Disney store,
And the swell of humanity
Out on the floor.

But it was okay, Black Friday rocks!
She got two hundred pairs of
Men’s tube socks
(and saved 200 dollars).
Then, while lamenting the demise of
Mandarin collars and
Beige Nehru jackets,
She paused, and snacked on
Pop tarts she bought, in
Shiny foil packets.

To Marysville, he drove 60-odd miles.
All indigestion and smiles.
But couldn’t find parking at the regional mall,
Not a spare stall, at all, forgot the
Damned cell phone, to call and complain.
It could have been worse,
There could have been rain.
Better clear and frosty,
To numb the brain.

Look at the tour bus, imagine that!
A Canadian charter, because their dollar is fat.
Fat and fancy, at a-dollar-seven.
All good children go to heaven.
Where’s Kevin?
Dear God - left home alone!
Do you have a dog, and does he bury his bone?
Like a good dog should, and someday I’d like to
Move up to Hollywood.

- R. Dean Brock, 2007