Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Those festive old drinks

Here are variety of links to recipes for festive Christmas drinks, some dating back centuries. Those marked with an (A) contain alcohol.

  • Potus Ypocras (A) (spiced wine with honey - scroll down for modern recipe)

  • Hot mulled apple cider (the recipes for mulled cider are extremely diverse. I've chosen this one, because it can be made without alcohol, or with, by simply adding a half cup of brandy)

  • Hot Buttered Rum (scaleable) (A) (Keep in mind that brandy or even whiskey can be substituted for rum, and a few drops of rum flavoring may be added for a non-alcohol version)

  • Peppermint Hot Chocolate (for a "happy" version, hold the peppermint oil and substitute peppermint Schnapps; for a "quick and dirty" version use instant cocoa, garnish with canned whipped cream and shaved bittersweet chocolate).

Christmas Punch

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